The Escape to Myanmar

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After more than 200 years of peace, war comes to Sweden, when a conflict between rightists and leftists get out of hands. The right-wing rebel group Sweden Army overtakes the Skaraborg regiment P4 in Skoevde and a left-wing guerrilla group takes form at Rya Ridges in Boras. It is not just in Sweden the fighting is going on, but almost all of Europe is at war. Norway has, however, managed to stay outside and therefore refugee camps are formed on the border between Sweden and Norway, with the help of UNHCR. Some of those fleeing to the refugee camp at Vassbotten, close to Svinesund, are Lisa and Victor, Daniel and Satu, Jakob, Anita and Jonatan. Since the war never seems to end, they apply for asylum in Myanmar, formerly Burma, whose economic success has made it possible to assume the responsibilities of quota refugees. Life in the new country is far from easy. On arrival in Myanmar, the refugees are taken care of by refugee coordinator and interpreter Nay Lin, who speaks Swedish almost too well and unlike other myanmarese he has green eyes. Both Victor and Anita recognize his eyes. Who is he and what does he want?

The Escape to Myanmar is the last stand-alone part of the series of novels State of Emergency.

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