Eye of the storm I hold on to you the only one who does not disappear from my ever changing mind in this storm of impermanence you are the eye of the cyclone calm and never changing Picture painted by Ye Thu – Ngapali Beach, Myanmar

I write because I must

Once my mother said in Finnish: “Joillekin kirjoittaminen on henki ja elämä” (For some people writing is their spirit and life) and this is truly so. I write because I must, because I need it to live.

Linger Your voice makes me drown and you entangle me with your words never straight always hidden you catch my thoughts and make my mind revolve around you you make me linger and you wrap me around your finger

Sometimes I write poems in Burmese/Myanmar, because some things can only be expressed in that language. One of those poems that only made sense to write in Myanmar is “Divided mind”…